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A Variety of Breast Implant Shapes
to Suit Your Desired Results

Aside from deciding between silicone and saline implants and whether you would like subglandular or submuscular placement, you will also work closely with Dr. Leif O. Nordberg to choose which breast implant shapes will best help you achieve your desired goals. Patients who visit our Stamford, CT, practice can choose from several types of implants including round and teardrop-shaped. We understand that goals and ideals vary from patient to patient, and we also offer both textured and smooth implants to suit your unique needs. We emphasize providing patients with safe and natural-looking results during their breast augmentation or other cosmetic procedure and can guide you through each step of planning your procedure to help you feel confident undergoing breast surgery.

How to Choose Your Shape

There are several considerations to take into account when deciding which shape and texture of implant to receive during your breast augmentation.  During your first consultation, Dr. Nordberg will assess: 

  • Your body type 
  • Existing quantity of breast tissue 
  • Desired method of placement
  • Incision site and size 

These factors will help determine which type of implant and shape will best help you achieve your desired results. After choosing between silicone vs. saline implants, Dr. Nordberg will review shape and texture with you to find an implant that is right for you. 

Dr. Nordberg provides several options when it comes to the shape and texture of your breast implant, and he has been named one of Connecticut's Top Doctors.

Round vs. Teardrop-Shaped 

Round implants are the most common of the implant shapes. Shaped like compressed spheres, they offer patients dramatic benefits that are completely customizable to their desired results. When choosing a round implant, you can also choose different levels of projection, lift, cleavage, and fullness to determine how dramatically you want to enhance the breast. Round implants are a great solution for patients who already have significant breast tissue but want to increase the shape, projection, and size of their breasts.

Round and gummy bear implants
Depending on the look you have in mind, you can choose to receive either round or
teardrop-shaped breast implants.

Teardrop-shaped implants are designed to closely mirror the natural contours and profile of a breast, narrowing gradually at the top. They are a popular option for patients whose natural breasts are smaller or breast reconstruction patients who need to add shape to their chest. Teardrop-shaped implants are also a slightly more expensive implant option because of their carefully designed aesthetics. They can protrude further from your chest without looking overly round, and they are a great option for patients who want a dramatic profile without adding too much volume to their breasts. For patients who choose shaped implants, Dr. Nordberg proudly offers an FDA-approved, highly cohesive silicone gel implant called the Natrelle® implant. This implant is anatomically shaped like a natural breast and textured to provide highly aesthetic results. 

Smooth vs. Textured

Although a textured implant is designed to closely mirror the feel of a natural breast and stay in position, it is also has a higher risk of rippling and leakage. Additionally, textured implants do not last as long as smooth implants. However, textured implants may have a reduced risk of capsular contracture because the textured surface makes it more difficult for capsular fibers to organize. 

Schedule a Consultation 

Dr. Nordberg provides several options when it comes to the shape and texture of your breast implant, and he has been named one of Connecticut's Top Doctors. He is dedicated to helping patients achieve their desired results with natural-looking outcomes and can tailor a treatment unique to you. To begin your transformation, call our office at (203) 324-4700 or contact us online

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