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Breast Implant Placement: What You Need to Know

When choosing which type of breast implant placement is right for you, Dr. Leif O. Nordberg will discuss the long-term results, potential complications, and aesthetic advantages of either a submuscular or a subglandular breast implant. While submuscular implants are placed under the pectoral muscle, subglandular implants are inserted over the pectoral muscle and behind the breast tissue. Depending on your desired outcomes and choice of implant, Dr. Nordberg can help you decide which placement technique can best help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Our office in Stamford, CT, provides several types of implants along with varying shapes to complement your desired placement and increase your confidence in your figure. 

Determining Which Placement is Right for You

During your initial consultation, Dr. Nordberg will discuss your goals and desired outcomes with you to help you decide whether subglandular or submuscular placement is right for you. You will also discuss your desired size, the ideal shape of your implant, whether you prefer silicone or saline implants, and what types of incisions will give you discreet but dramatic results. 

No implant, subglandular implant and submuscular implant
The type of implant you choose may determine whether subglandular or
submuscular placement would be more beneficial.

Subglandular vs. Submuscular Placement 

Subglandular implants are placed between the pectoral muscle and the breast tissue. Submuscular implants are placed under the pectoral muscle and are a popular option for women who want a more subtle, natural-looking enhancement. There are several factors to take into account when deciding which protocol is best for you. 

Surgery Procedure 

A breast implant over the muscle is generally considered less invasive and can help you experience less discomfort during your recovery, while an implant under the muscle requires a longer breast surgery and recovery. 

Body Type 

Athletic women or women with muscular builds often prefer subglandular implants because they do not look abnormal when the pectoral muscles are flexed.  Women with smaller breasts or petite women may choose submuscular placement because it allows them to subtly enhance their breast size if they do not have a lot of their own breast tissue to disguise the implant. Placing an implant under the muscle allows Dr. Nordberg to shape the upper part of the breast and help reduce the visibility of the implant.

Dr. Nordberg employs safety first when helping patients achieve their desired results, and will provide thorough information on each procedure to help you choose which placement protocol is right for you.

Desired Projection

Subglandular placement is a popular option for women who want increased cleavage and projection from their implants because they are not repressed by the muscle. If you are adding a modest amount of size to a procedure such as a breast lift because you have existing breast tissue but want to increase your size slightly, a subglandular placement may be right for you. In general, subglandular placement results in a rounder, more dramatically augmented look than implants placed under the pectoral muscle. 

Desired Feel 

With subglandular implants, you will most likely be able to feel the implant under the skin and may even be able to feel rippling. When placed under the muscle, implants receive natural-feeling tissue coverage; therefore, patients who want a softer, more natural feel should consider implants under the muscle. 


Subglandular implants are at greater risk of capsular contraction than submuscular implants because they do not get constant stimulation from the muscle. Along with a decreased risk of capsular contraction, submuscular placement offers patients a decreased risk of visible rippling.

Saline vs. Silicone 

Saline implants are more firm than silicone implants and you can achieve more natural-feeling results from submuscular placement. If you are receiving silicone implants and have sufficient breast tissue for Dr. Norberg to shape, he may recommend subglandular placement to help you achieve the most dramatic results.

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Dr. Nordberg employs safety first when helping patients achieve their desired results, and will provide thorough information on each procedure to help you choose which placement protocol is right for you. Your procedure will be performed in our state-of-the-art, fully accredited ambulatory surgical facility, where you can get the best care and help reduce your risk of complications. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Nordberg, call our office at (203) 324-4700 or contact our helpful team online

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