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How to Prevent Lines and Aging Before You See Them

By Dr. Leif Nordberg on September 13, 2019



A current hot trend in facial aesthetics is Prejuvination, which literally means prevention.  The idea here is that patients can prevent facial aging and hence the wrinkles, depressions, smile lines, brown spots, red vessels, sagging skin, volume loss and the dreaded jowls or turkey neck.  There is truth to this, and today’s younger crowd is seeking to never develop the signs of aging they see in their parents. 

So why does our skin age?  The typical factors are our genes, sun exposure, cigarette smoke, diet/alcohol ingestion, and weight fluctuations.  Obviously, some of these are under our control and others are not.  I recommend to all of my patients to wear a daily sunscreen/moisturizer, limit sun exposure, keep themselves hydrated, exercise, and use a variety of topical products that can either reverse or prevent skin aging.  These include retinoids (Retin-A), growth factors, and antioxidant serum.


The concept of Prejuvination is to prevent the aging process from happening or lessening its effects.  Once we start to see deep smile lines, wrinkles and sagging skin, then more aggressive treatments are needed.  These include fillers, lasers and surgery.  Although these are excellent treatments, there can be more downtime associated with recovery.  Further, we may not be able to get complete correction.  So if you are interested in maintaining your skin and a youthful appearance, I would recommend a thoughtful skin care program, regular BBL light treatments and perhaps some Botox or fillers.  We are always happy at Nordberg Plastic Surgery to evaluate your skin care needs and come up with a tailored plan just for you.  After all, you are not your mother or father.  Don’t forget, at the minimum, wear your sunscreen.  Follow us on IG @drlnordberg or call for an appointment (203) 324-4700.            

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